Essentia Crate

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Introducing the "Essentia Crate" - a collaborative masterpiece with @macshooter49, designed to ignite your creativity with Vocals, Pedal Earcandy, Phrases, and a Drum Stash. Dive into a world of vocal excellence, guitar wizardry, and rhythmic mastery with this versatile toolkit. Craft compelling compositions with soulful harmonies, captivating melodies, and dynamic drum rhythms. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring newcomer, the Essentia Crate empowers you to sculpt your sonic landscape with precision and passion. Elevate your craft, explore new sonic horizons, and make your mark with the Essentia Crate by your side.

✅Analog Drums (120)

✅Phrases (60)

✅Guitar Blossoms (60)

✅Looped Oneshots (60)

✅Vocal Runs (62)