Keyon Phrase Stash II

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Introducing the "Keyon Phrase Stash II" – your ultimate go-to collection for dynamic and captivating musical phrases that will breathe life into your productions. This meticulously curated kit features 100 exclusive phrases, each one crafted with the precision and creativity that Keyon is renowned for. Whether you're looking to inject your tracks with fresh melodies, intriguing rhythms, or evocative textures, this collection has you covered.

What sets the "Keyon Phrase Stash II" apart is not just the quality of the phrases, but also the attention to detail. Every phrase comes with both the BPM and key labeled, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate them into your projects with minimal effort. This attention to detail makes it incredibly easy for producers and musicians of all levels to find the perfect match for their work, enhancing creativity and workflow efficiency.

Comes With 100 Phrase with the key and bpm labeled